deduce-my-heart asked:

Hi! Who do you think displays the most jealousy on the show, John or Sherlock?

thetwogaydetectives answered:

Shit. This is a hard question

They are both very jealous men, when it comes to one another. I wouldn’t say one is more jealous than the other, necessarily.

Sherlock was quite obvious (in series 3). This was done because they needed the audience to see him pining. Also, Sherlock has a bad grip on his emotions. That is to say, when he finally cracks and shows his emotions, he displays them very obviously. He becomes childish, and he looks heartbroken.

He also doesn’t believe he is good enough for John, and he doesn’t believe John is in love with him, so he never truly acts upon his jealousy. He believes Mary is better for John. He does nothing when John is talking to Sholto (although he was insanely jealous.)

There is also the fact that in S1 & 2 his jealousy wasn’t as obvious. That was a choice made by the writers. Many times, they brushed past acts that would have shown intense jealousy and possessiveness if they had been actually shown on screen(they decided only to mention them i.e they mention that he reads John’s emails to his girlfriends.) This was mostly done because Sherlock wasn’t as in touch with his emotions. Also, he was in denial of having emotions, so the writers made it more subtle.

John, however, has always been obvious. He was the one we saw pining for two series. He hates it when women hit on Sherlock. There is the fact that he becomes possessive of Sherlock when Irene is around. He tries to make his presence known. He counts the text messages. The fact that he can’t deal with Janine. The fact that he couldn’t maintain a relationship with his girlfriend because he was jealous of Irene, etc.

He generally becomes very attentive of Sherlock’s movements and interactions, and a bit possessive.

I guess you could say they have a different way of approaching their emotions. Also, we have to remember that the writers have approached their reactions differently (depending on where the character was emotionally.) That doesn’t mean one is more jealous than the other though.

Best response EVER.

oh those jealous boys