#Moments I actually teared-up during #The fact that they’ve gone from ‘Who are you? What do you do?’ #To organising a system they can both use to instantly recognise a ‘client’ #gives me so many feelings #And god just the fact that we get to see them like this #and watch them learn to grow into each-other and learn to fit with and around eachother #Will never stop being one of my favourite things about them

There’s a little hand gesture that John does in the last GIF, it seems that Sherlock mimics it as well. I need a new hobby.


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John climbed atop Sherlock's lap in a straddling position, a smile of pure lust written on his face. But his voice was casual. " Solve a case today, Sherlock? "

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                    Sherlock’s gaze immediately
                              tore from his phone to find John atop
                              his hips, and his jaw dropped. He
                              squirmed momentarily in the chair,
                              flush finding his cheekbones as
                              he became completely uncertain 
                              what to do in this situation.

                              This was crossing the line,
                              just a bit.

      ❛ Y-You know bloody well I haven’t
     solved that case, you were with me. ❜

                              The detective finally answered, clenching 
                              his jaw and giving the blond a strained
                              gaze.  Unable to view the raw lust
                              in the other’s eyes, Sherlock tore his eyes
                              and instead attempted to deduct something
                              across the room. But he couldn’t ignore
                              his flatmate, his best friend, straddling him right
                              in their living room !!

  ❛ John, is there a reason you’ve suddenly
        decided to close the proximity
        between us so dramatically ?

                              Well, Sherlock already knew the reason,
                              of course. But he inquired anyway. 





john runs his hands down the expanse of sherlock’s pale chest and exhales a soft breath. “you’re beautiful,” he says, “but you’re like a brother to me, and i can’t let this continue. this is sinful and wrong.” sherlock nods in agreement and puts his shirt back on.

What is this

What you’re witnessing is the future.

A future nightmare of John’s you mean, where he promptly wakes up, turns over and shags Sherlock senseless. Afterwards, while they are cuddling NAKED, John tells Sherlock his dream and they laugh for hours about it. Then they shag again.

"I will solve your murder, but it takes John Watson to save your life. Trust me on that, I should know. He saved mine so many times and in so many ways". —Sherlock Holmes

How has John saved Sherlock’s life? A life he has freely given up, on more than one occasion, sacrificing it gladly. Yet he considers himself the one that has been “saved.” I tried to make a list, though I’m sure there are many more ways I’ve overlooked.

  • From death: on more than one occasion, John has literally saved Sherlock’s life.
  • From loneliness: he has a constant companion, friend, colleague, live in PA, all of these wrapped up in John, his one and only significant other.
  • From boredom: they laugh, solve crimes, eat, converse, argue, think, chase bad guy ect…together. John is ever here to be a listening ear/sounding board anytime Sherlock needs to think out loud. And he even plays cluedo (at least the one time) and forces him to watch crap telly :) Hardly ever a dull moment with John around.
  • From character stagnation: Sherlock would be lost without his blogger, his closest and dearest friend. He learned how important relationships are through John, and how lost he is when that relationship is gone. He learned to value someone above himself, to be selfless. His emotions have been coming to the surface, and he is so desperately involved, despite his brother’s warning. He loves John deeply. 
  • From drugs: John has been there on numerous occasions when Sherlock was experiencing a low point, or a danger night, to help him stay strong. He even canceled his plans on Christmas Eve to be near Sherlock.
  • From emptiness: John gives Sherlock purpose, an audience to his brilliance, someone to impress, to save. A sentimental reason for living, beyond the cold hard reason he used to hold most dear. John has changed him, slowly, over the years, into the “good man” that Lestrade had once hoped he would become.